This is a list of the sites that I recommend for those seeking Confirmation in the United Church of Canada. I suggest that you explore these sites a bit at a time. I don’t want you to be overwhelmed by the volume of it all. Of course, I’ll be modifying this list as I discover other sites. The purpose of this distance-learning approach is not to eliminate personal contact, but to reduce the traditional class time associated with confirmation classes. People have very full schedules today and it is difficult to find a time for everyone to get together. So, I would like you to look at these sites, make notes and questions, and then we can come together to discuss all of the information that I consider important, as well as those items that interest you. I’ve divided the list into nine parts: United Church of Canada General Information, Belief, History, Scripture, Sacraments, Theology, Weekly Readings, UCC Faith in Action and World Religions. If you discover other sites that could be helpful, please let me know. If you are clergy considering this program for people in your congregation you will probably want to tailor it to meet your specific needs. I caution, however, that you not add so many sites that your people find it daunting. Please forward to me any sites that you find interesting. Too, I’m sorry for the commercial nature of some of the sites. And, of course, I wish you all God’s blessing on the journey. United Church of Canada General Information I recommend you read these thoroughly.


Don’t be overwhelmed here. There’s no need to study this in detail. Just try to get an overview of the material. These are the original twenty articles of faith that expressed our belief at the time of union in 1925. This is not the language we use today to express our faith but it was our beginning. Read these statements as ask yourself how you would express it.

Overview of Christian Creeds and Beliefs

The History of Christian Thought


You need not read all of these in depth. Select one and scan the others. Christianity Chronology – I have included several sites here because each is unique.




This is a basic understanding and a good place to begin.


Weekly Readings

My contribution

UCC Faith in Action

World Religions